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Ocassional Tables & Chairs


Two separate tables - one light and one dark. When placed together as seen in the photograph, they make a circle.

These were made using hollow core MDF frames to keep them light and easy to move. The frames were covered with MDF and veneered before spraying.

We were so pleased with the effect that we decided to use them as a logo for this web site.

Folding table in use

A hall table that the customer wanted to use ocassionally and also wanted the ability to store it in a small space.

The picture below shows the table folded for storage.

Folding table stored

The table (above) folded for storage.

Note the way the veneering has been done for a pleasing effect.

Stinkwood hall table

When a customer was breaking up an old bookcase, we noticed that some of the planks were made from South African stinkwood. These were salvaged and this hall table was made from those planks.

Side table with glass covered tapistry

An oak side table with a tapestry inserted in the top. The glass has been fitted from below and sealed to minimise the chances of liquids marking the tapestry.

N.B. We do not supply the tapestry but will gladly make a table to accommodate any artwork supplied by the customer.

beech chair

A customer requested this folding chair be made out of beech. The style is known as a "Steamer Chair"

We made the frame and the customer, an interior designer, will be caning the back rest and seat.