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Unusual chest of drawers

Here we have an unusual chest of drawers.

Note that none of the drawers have handles. To open the drawers requires a push and they slide out. Push to close and they latch shut.

Wardrobe with doors closed

A wardrobe with walnut veneer.

This is not a free standing unit and has been made to fit into a recess in the wall. Note the care that has been taken to "book match" the grain and pattern on the doors.

Wardrobe with doors open

An internal view of the wardrobe.

As all of our furniture is made to order, we can change sizes, grain, colour and internal configuration to suit the customer's requirements

Headboard fixed to thebedroom wall

This headboard was made as a matching piece of furniture for the wardrobe shown above

Front view of bedside tables

Two unusual bedside cabinets. The carcasses have been sprayed white. The drawer fronts and tops are veneered walnut.

Oblique view of bedside tables

Another view of the above to show the top surfaces and the inside of the drawers